Global Issues That Are Pushing People’s Buttons


Whether it’s global health, climate change, the gap between rich and poor, or the state of race relations, people around the world are confronting many issues that threaten our shared future. To address these concerns, a broad range of organizations and individuals are working to create more equitable and sustainable societies.

As the number of global issues continues to grow, it is important for individuals and organizations to prioritize their efforts. Fortunately, the world’s greatest challenges can be overcome through collaboration, commitment and innovation.

Social Issues

There are numerous controversial social issues that push people’s buttons including animal rights, civil rights, human trafficking, gun violence and racial inequality. In addition to the impact these issues have on society, they also affect business and government.

For example, the economic issue of income disparity is causing companies to rethink their hiring policies and develop innovative ways to promote equality. Another example is the social issue of homelessness which is affecting governments and businesses around the world as they work to develop housing and services for their citizens.

Another major social issue is gender equity. This involves ensuring that women are paid the same as men for similar work, promoted equally in their workplaces and given equal opportunities for leadership positions. It also includes reducing sexism and violence against women.