What Is Spirituality?


Spirituality encompasses many beliefs and practices – it can be about the nature of God and higher powers, or it can also be about the way we feel about our own inner world and our relationship with life. It can be about our own experiences, relationships and motivations, or it may be about art, nature and even war – virtually anything can be endowed with sacred status.

Some people associate spirituality with new age healing, psychic powers, astrology or the paranormal, and others think of it as a way to expand consciousness, practice mindfulness, or connect with a deeper meaning in daily life. In fact, any of these can be spiritual activities, but it’s important to distinguish between them and religion.

Regardless of what traditions we follow, all spiritualities are based on a sense of oneness with everything that is. They are oriented towards the development of values, personal growth and feelings of well-being, purpose, meaning and support through connection with something greater than ourselves.

Some spiritual practitioners find comfort and strength in their relationships with a community of like-minded individuals, while others turn to prayer and meditation to cope with stress. Some also receive messages and guidance from their spirit guides, which can manifest as physical sensations (e.g. tingling in certain areas of the body). Whatever your spirituality is, it is important to explore the various wisdom traditions and experiment with different teachings so that you can decide what path is right for you.