Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels are one of the most important service industries worldwide. This industry includes hotels, cruise lines, air travel, and other tourist activities. The hotel sector is one of the largest and most influential sectors within the hospitality industry.

Hotel Advantages Over Airbnb

There are several reasons why hotels might be better than Airbnb, including consistent quality, loyalty programs, and perks like free wifi and breakfast. Plus, hotels can offer unique experiences that you might not get at home.

Hotel Market Segments

The hotel industry is divided into segments based on the purpose of the stay. This includes business travellers, pleasure travellers and group travelers. Each segment has its own set of preferences and requirements. For example, business travellers often look for meeting rooms and other facilities to support their work.

Pleasure travellers on the other hand, prefer to spend time at the hotel enjoying its recreational facilities and other services. Pleasure travellers are also price sensitive and demand good value for money.

Guiding Booking Choices with Personalization

In a recent GBTA study, Omni Hotels and Resorts found that 57 percent of guests want restaurant suggestions during the booking process. During the booking process, OTAs can align travel criteria with amenity descriptions, photos, and nearby points of interest to help guide and personalize each guest’s hotel search. This can lead to a more satisfied customer and build loyalty. In addition, a hotel’s digital platform can be used to promote local attractions and activities that will appeal to the specific traveler type.