The True Essence of Fashion


Fashion is a term used to refer to the prevailing style of dress. The word is also used to describe the styles of hair, makeup and accessories. In the modern world, many people blindly follow the trends set by celebrities and models in the hope that they will achieve popularity and success. They fail to understand that the true essence of fashion is not limited to clothing, footwear and accessories alone.

Fashion changes with time and is constantly evolving. It is not static but tastes the current environment, follows it and creates a trend. It is not just about adorning yourself but it goes beyond that to show your unique personality. It can be expressed in your choice of colors, shoes, bags, language and even the way you talk.

It is a social phenomenon and its occurrence corresponds to subtle and often hidden networks or forces that operate in a society. For instance, the fashion for a certain type of clothes may develop when people who are high in status start wearing new or different clothes and then other people who admire or respect them emulate their style.

In addition to this, fashion can also be influenced by musicians and other cultural icons. This is evident from the fact that people in the 1700s pored over fashion magazines to see what the latest fashionable clothing was. People would try to imitate the styles worn by their favorite singer or actor and thereby develop a trend in their own clothing.