The Definition of Technology in the Classroom

The word technology covers a broad range of tools, machines and devices that help solve real-world problems. It can refer to anything from a simple stone tool or wooden spoon, to a complex particle accelerator or space shuttle. It even encompasses non-material things, such as software and business methods.

In the business world, a narrower definition of technology tends to focus on what’s known as Information Technology (IT), which covers computers, networks and hardware. However, in the context of the classroom, the term can be used to describe any device that makes it easier to understand and complete classwork. Whether it’s an interactive whiteboard or a projector, these types of technologies allow students to follow class lectures and access their work anywhere, anytime.

As a result, they’re great for supporting student independence and helping students to feel empowered in their learning. However, it’s important to remember that technology is only useful if it’s used for the right reasons – not just to make work more efficient, but also to improve productivity and creativity. The best use of technology is to create and project, rather than simply consume other people’s products (which is fine too). This helps us feel more engaged with the world around us, and it gives back more satisfaction than just watching a movie online. That’s why it’s so valuable in the classroom.