How to Exercise Your Spirituality


Spirituality is a broad concept that encompasses the belief in something bigger than yourself. It may involve religious traditions centering on a belief in a higher power or it could be a more holistic feeling of connection to the universe and everything in it.

It can be defined as “the search for meaning and purpose in life, a sense of peace and well-being, personal values, and an overall feeling of connectedness to something greater than oneself” (Seaward, 2012). Wisdom keepers across the globe suggest that human spirituality is comprised of three tightly woven facets: an insightful relationship with self and others; a solid personal value system; and a meaningful purpose in life.

When these aspects are combined together they create a powerful foundation that enhances your spiritual growth. They can also be considered the “muscles” that allow you to dismantle, circumnavigate or transcend roadblocks that may appear along your path. Just like physical muscles, they need to be exercised in order to grow stronger and be more resilient against life’s stresses.

For example, practicing forgiveness and compassion helps strengthen these soul muscles. Practicing mindfulness and meditation are other ways to strengthen these muscles. In addition, serving others and living with a sense of purpose also help strengthen these “muscles.” And last but not least, spending time in nature is another way to nurture your spirituality. These are all examples of ways that you can find your own way to connect with the divine.